DIY courses are
running fairly regularly.
We are presently running 3
courses a week. Monday night,
Wednesday morning and Wednesday
night.  These courses are designed
to allow you to do your own piece of
furniture at your own pace, while learning
from demonstration on other peoples work
as well as yours.

Participants will hopefully learn:
*Techniques of stripping the old fabric off,
what to keep and what to discard. 
*How to create patterns and cut their fabric making
the best of fabric use, direction and matching of it.
*Sew where needed using one of our industrial
sewing machines with specialized feet.
*Proper use of padding and how to apply it.
*How to apply the fabric and in what order.
*how to use tools such as foam cutter, button maker, cushion filler, staple removers, sewing machines etc...
Workshops are different, as projects are prepared
ahead of time and participants will all be doing the
same thing.  Fabrics and some style may change
but over all, the project is the same.  The frame
will be made ahead of time,  As will cardboard
patterns for fabric and foam.  The projects are
intended to be done in 1 day.(Saturday)  We may
do a 2 day project but usually they will 1 day.
Presently because of prep time the workshops
haven't happened too often but our hope is
they will be available one or two Saturdays a

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